Friends of John's - Potentially Violent EP Album Art

Cover of Potentially Violent, currently available on Bandcamp.

Friends of John’s is the creation of singer/songwriter Yoav Gerber, who fronts the band as well as contributes Acoustic guitar to all songs. Yoav spent the better part of the last decade with various lineups that never managed to stay together long enough, until in 2012 he and drummer Zohar Shechter, who left the band during the Potentially Violent sessions, began work on the EP under the name Friends of John’s, backed by some of the youngest, most promising professional musicians in Israel.

For over two years Yoav worked with producer Ithamar S. Eshpar; sifting through Yoav’s extensive repertoire of songs, the majority of which were written over the last ten or so years; putting together the arrangements before heading for Bardo Recording Studios in Ramat Gan, Israel, to lay down the backing tracks for the 6 songs that would end up forming their independently released debut EP, Potentially Violent (available on Bandcamp). The six songs range in style from hard edged Brit-Rock, through upbeat country rock, to a unique ambient rock, all powered by Gerber’s clear and direct delivery of his complex, yet instantly memorable, lyrics and melodies.

Friends of John's - Live at Blaze Bar

Yoav on stage at Blaze Bar in Jerusalem, November 2nd, 2014

The band has been playing gigs around Israel since late April, 2014, and as of December, 2014 have been busy preparing for a 15 date Israeli tour in support of the album’s release, with plans for a small international tour for the summer of 2015.

In early December, the band went back to Bardo Studios to record a four song live EP of new material, described by Yoav as much edgier songs with more than a wink or two towards late 60s Rock & Roll. Plans are to release the songs individually as B-sides, and make the album available for fans as a bonus item.

He is currently joined on stage by guitarist Yair Rubin, bassist Elad Zehavi, and drummer Yoav Arbel.

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